Empowering sales teams with SugarCRM

Maturing a CRM for Agiliti

Agiliti is at the forefront of medical equipment management.

The Challenge

Nurses can lose up to a half hour or more every shift looking for hard-to-find medical equipment. The equipment experts at Agiliti are on a mission to change that.

Agiliti supplies hospitals with the tools they need to provide excellent care. Their goal is to help hospitals reduce wasted time and money spent ordering, maintaining, and organizing medical equipment so that health care professionals can spend more time with their patients.

Agiliti came to SugarCRM and Highland Solutions in 2013 with a challenge: they needed to introduce a robust CRM for the first time in the organization's history. This would mean mapping out the $500 million company's complex sales process, automating sales and marketing workflows, migrating 50,000+ accounts into the database, and training their national sales team to use the new tool.

After successfully designing, developing, and deploying the initial SugarCRM solution, Highland and Agiliti have continued to partner together. As Agiliti continues to grow, they've relied on the flexibility of SugarCRM to adapt the technology to the needs of their business.

Highland is the reason why we’ve been able to get the most out of our SugarCRM implementation.
Kate Standa

The Process

The technology architecture Highland developed to support the Agiliti team.

Building Sophistication from Scratch

Highland worked with Agiliti to understand and document their complex sales process. Because Agiliti had been working without a CRM, there was a lack of prospect and opportunity tracking across the organization. Their customized SugarCRM solution was designed to accommodate sales and marketing workflows, complicated parent-child account record relationships, and integrations with Agiliti internal systems.

Once the CRM was built, Highland and Agiliti worked together to train their nation-wide sales team on the new tool. By customizing their SugarCRM solution to meet their teams' needs, Agiliti was able to eliminate manual tasks, consolidate and simplify data, and increase their sales representatives' mobility and flexibility.

Customization & Integrations

As Agiliti continues to grow, they trust that the SugarCRM platform can grow along with their business. They recently developed CRM-embedded Strategic Account Plans, which show how much share of wallet Agiliti has within their clients and prospects, identify names of key stakeholders within the account, and help sales reps identify who can assist them in the deal.

Agiliti has integrated numerous systems into their CRM, including the following:

  • Sales incentive tool
  • Marketing automation platform
  • HR system
  • Back-end ERP
  • Third-party healthcare data intelligence
The Agiliti and Highland teams after a long working session.

Human-centered CRM

Agiliti cares deeply about the healthcare professionals who use their products, and are continually doing research at hospitals to see how they can better serve their customers.

This information is fed back into the CRM, where it becomes a part of sales materials that representatives can use to speak to their buyer's unique needs. Different personas are identified within the CRM so that Agiliti can deliver a customer-centric experience for decision-makers - including supply chain, nursing, and clinical engineering personas.

The combination of on-the-ground research and customer-centric personas ensures that Agiliti's sales team is equipped with the right materials for the right audience at the right point in the sales cycle.

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