CX experts Charissa Morgan and Florence McCafferty digging into CX work at the Highland offices.

Jobs to be Done is an exciting and empowering research method that can help you understand the social, emotional, and functional jobs your customers are hiring products and services for in order to make progress in their lives.

You've probably heard of JTBD, but might be a little fuzzy on what it actually means. Jobs to be Done (also called JTBD or jobs) has quickly become an essential guiding principle in the design and innovation field.

Understanding and prioritizing your customers’ JTBD can revolutionize your marketing, awaken new possibilities for products and services, or keep your product development on track.

We've led many clients through the process of doing JTBD research for the first time. So we created a guide to help your team get started!

Download our Guide to Getting Started with JTBD

You'll learn:

  • The 5 elements of a great JTBD interview
  • Essential questions for enhancing your interviewees' memories and obtaining powerful insights from your research
  • How to understand the push and pull forces that move your customers to fire one thing and hire another

No matter your product or service challenge, if you start by understanding your customers' JTBD, you will most certainly spare yourself a few headaches down the road.