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That means you're in the process of selecting a custom software provider to help launch a new digital product or experience.

You've probably got about a dozen tabs open right now with links to companies who might be the right fit. But how can you tell? To start, read a few of our favorite case studies that show how we partner with our clients to help them understand their customers and build better technology:

To help you along the way, we put together a buyer's guide to hiring a software development firm. It's based on a decade of lessons learned from our successes (and failures) while creating client relationships and digital products.

This guide includes:

  1. Specific questions you can ask to evaluate vendor trustworthiness, code quality, and process maturity
  2. Simple tips for assessing a firm's reputation in the market
  3. Advice on how to price your project
  4. Benchmarks for hourly development rates

Happy searching!

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